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Our Urologists

Dr. Barqawi photo

Al Barqawi, MD

Associate Professor of Surgery
University of Colorado Denver, School of Medicine

Dr Barqawi work focuses on developing and perfecting the management of prostate cancer.  He is renowned for cutting edge targeted cryotherapy of the prostate. He continues to spearhead the effort to pioneer the target focal treatment of early stage prostate cancer. Dr. Barqawi has performed hundreds of three dimensional mapping biopsies of the prostate gland, which minimize the risk of overtreatment in a significant number of men, preserving their quality of life and helping them control and in some cases eradicate the disease. His efforts in providing the best treatment possible and passionate approach with his patients has earned him the recognition of his superiors and colleagues. Dr. Barqawi's work has been nationally and internationally recognized and sought after under the umbrella and support of the University of Colorado Denver.



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