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Our Urologists

Shandra S. Wilson, MD

Shandra S. Wilson, MD

Associate Professor of Surgery
University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine General Urology and Urologic Oncology
Practice Director for Urologic Oncology at University of Colorado Hospital

Dr. Wilson is an Associate Professor at the University of Colorado Denver. Dr. Wilson was the first woman to join the Urologic faculty at the University. She is subspecialty trained in Oncology and is further subspecialty trained in robotic surgery. Dr. Wilson's interests include bladder, kidney, prostate, testicular, and penile cancer. Dr. Wilson is on the faculty and is involved in teaching the family practice community, medical students, residents, and is the director of the Urologic Oncology fellowship. She is also actively involved in clinical and basic science research to improve outcomes in patients diagnosed with genitourinary malignancy.


We are extremely blessed to have had your skilled hands, boundless energy and exceptional professionalism as a part of Dad's treatment. C.G. - read more...
I was a combat medic for 9 years in the Army and NEVER had I seen such professionalism and true caring that I experienced first hand with Dr. Wilson. I will always remember her smile, caring voice and willingness to give it her all to see that every step of my treatment is done with dignity and respect.. ..... and always with a smile. J.G. -read more...
Dr. Wilson and her staff are the epitome of what medical care should be. I am grateful to your staff for such excellent care and will recommend your facility to everyone I love and want to have the very best in medical care. T.J. -read more...
Being diagnosed with cancer, as anyone could imagine, leads to a tremendous amount of anxiety and
uncertainty. In such a Situation, a professional, empathetic doctor can have a strong positive impact on the patient. Dr. Wilson is just such a physician. R.S
. -
You never stop surprising me of how caring and thoughtful you are with your patients. I.P. -read more...

Dr. Wilson performs 2-3 bladder removals, or cystectomies, every week as well as 2-3 robotic procedures. A recent analysis showed Dr. Wilson performs approximately 70% of all of the cystectomies (or bladder removals) in the state. Dr. Wilson trained with one of the founding fathers of bladder cancer surgery, Dr. Don Skinner and learned modern techniques of neo-bladder, continent cutaneous, and ileal conduit formation during her training at the University of Southern California with him. Dr. Wilson also trained with Dr. William Catalona at Washington University in medical school and Dr. David Crawford in fellowship.

Dr. Wilson is proud of her training in robotic surgery as she feels strongly that this technique improves patient outcomes and decreases patients' post-operative pain after surgery. Dr. Wilson currently performs most all prostate surgery using the robot as well as the majority of her work with kidneys. For smaller cancers, Dr. Wilson is very excited about the use of the surgical Di Vinci robot as this technique allows for the preservation of the kidney in many cases, while still curing cancer. Dr. Wilson anticipates performing bladder cancer surgery using the robot with time.

Link to Robotics and bladder cancer

It has been said that in addition to Dr. Wilson's technical excellence, one of her greatest strengths is her "bedside manner." Dr. Wilson exudes a confident but humble personality, listens well to patients, communicates with their doctors, visits them in the hospital, and truly enjoys her work. It is probably the combination of her kind personality, work ethic, and technical skill that has repetitively put her on Kiplinger's list of "Who's Who" and the Research Council of America's "top doctor" list.

In her spare time, Dr. Wilson enjoys spending time with her two lovely children, Amanda and Andrew, hiking, and jogging. To schedule an appointment, please call 720-848-1388.

Dr. Wilson's complete curriculum vitae